Greg Fitness Dynamics


When I was fifteen I started training with weights, and as this progressed. This helped me in High School wrestling in Arizona. After graduation I joined the US Coast Guard for two years. Stationed at terminal island in Long Beach Calif.I went to College at Santa Monica College, and Cal State Northridge.
At this time I was training with many of my friends in the 70s at Golds Gym in Santa Monica, and World gym in Venice. Tom Platz, Casey Viator, Danny Padilla, Ken Waller Tony Pearson, etc. To be honest we all over trained as I recently discussed with my friend Tom Platz.
Fortunately, I ran into a old body building friend in Tucson Arizona, who had recently was. A  trainer with Arther Jones, Jim Flannagan, Ellington Darden, and together they trained Casey Viator for the Colorado Experiment for almost two years. Casey was my roommate in the 70s in Calif.

As a result of this excellent training protocols that Arthur Jones tried to teach people the Bodybuilding career skyrocket. I was first in the Mr Colorado when I managed Nautilus Fitness In Denver Colorado, and second in the Mr USA.
The best years of proper training were ahead of me. Because of the right training that Arthur Jones the Founder of Nautilus tried to teach the public. I was a guest of Arthur Jones twice at the Medx factory, and the seminars in Ocala Florida.

Bert Seelman taught me how to train properly using all the protocals that he personally learned from Arthur Jones.At this point I started a personal training business in San Diego for the next 21 years, and I must say because of Bert Seelman, and his expertise in nutrition I became of of the top personal trainers in the country.

As many people know Arthur Jones started the Medx company, reinventing the wheel in strength equipment, and medical equipment.As a result I purchased Medx from his company, and just buy accident started selling Medx, Bod Pod machines, Sci-Fi fit, Keiser Strength, Life Fitness etc for the last ten years.

My company receives for inquires purchases, and sales of any other competitor in the country combined, We ship all over the Us, Canada, and the World With over 400 Medx Alone, and other strength machines in stock, cardio, and physical therapy machines in stock, We have the best selection and best condition of medx in stock.

Most of the strength machines and cardio machines that we sell come out of personal training facilities, therapy clinics, spine clinics, hospitals, wellness facilities etc. So the quality is near new to mint condition.

The medx and other strength lines we carry are inspected, even though this is not much needed since the quality of the machine at purchase to resell to the end user is nearly always in pristine condition.

When a customer sees MedX they are looking for on our websites, we can quickly supply more pictures of the particular machine they are looking at. To purchase. The quality of medx and other strength ,machines is the best selection in the industry.

In the last two years we have partnered with the best shipper we have ever had in ten years. Cass Stack. John Parks. Located in Fayetteville Arkansas. John is such a hands on person that he will even call the customer for me is the need arrises.

We always tell our customers to have full coverage insurance on their shipment for extra safe delivery, and peace of mind.

Fitness Dynamics has the best quality, selection of Medx, rehab/physical therapy machines,  strength machines, cardio, and delivery in the industry.